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How To Choose The ‘RIGHT’ Station!

Choosing Your Thoughts

Choosing Your Thoughts


Your Thoughts Can Lift You Or Drain You.

Think of your thoughts as channels.
Now please take a moment to notice the power they have over you. How you feel at any given moment is directly linked to what you are thinking.

Let me illustrate using an everyday example.

I see a group of mothers huddled in a circle talking, whispering, exchanging glances…
My heart sinks. How could something so innocent create such distress?

It All Depends On What You Make it Mean. 

This group of mothers was gathering at my daughters’ school.
My mind without the slightest warning jumped to the ‘wrong station’.

I heard my distraught internal voice say:

“They did not invite her. She will be heart broken”.
“My daughter is being left out.  Excluded!!!!”
“Why is this happening?”

This stream of thoughts quickly graduated to:

“I’ve failed her somehow. It’s my fault she is not being included”.
“I’m a terrible mother.”

The station that was being played in my mind (my thinking) was causing me to feel extremely uncomfortable, confused, and insecure.

Fortunately with enough practice, I’ve learned not to believe all the thoughts that my mind fabricates.

Did you know that we have anywhere between 60 and 90 thousand thoughts swimming in our head on a daily basis? That is difficult to grasp.

What I want you to know is that most of these thoughts are not true. It’s our imagination, fears, and insecurities having an old fashioned make believe party.

Next time you see yourself spinning or listening to the ‘wrong station’.

Stop yourself.
Take a couple of deep breaths.
Then ask yourself, What do I WANT to make this mean?

Notice you can spin the story anyway you’d like. So choose the story line that nourishes you and not the one that drains you.

Think of it as choosing the station that lifts you up.

Just in case you are wondering, what was happening in the huddle?  They were discussing gift ideas for a teacher who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

My daughter and I had nothing to do with the huddle. Funny how that works!



If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

I believe fear shines a light on what matters most to us.  It’s also a key ingredient to making dreams come true.












Think about it for a moment.

You know it’s a dream you really care about when:

You fear it may not come true.
You tell yourself, I can’t pull it off.
You sit down to work on it and the resistance pokes its ugly head out.
You tell yourself it’s too big for me.  Who I’m I to want…? So you walk away.

What I’m trying to say is, if you stay exactly where you are, you won’t feel the fear smiling back at you.  This may be a sign you’re not reaching for what really matters most to you.

“If you aren’t taking the risks, you aren’t living fully.”

What are the dreams you truly care about?  The ones that make your heart race and your chest pound.  The ones that scare you.

Take time to really notice which ones surface.

Now that you know what they are, pause…. feel the fear ..…and move past it.

Make THESE dreams a reality!

If you have any questions on how to move past the fear comment or shoot me an email.  I’d be happy to help.  In the meantime read this classic little book, Feel The Fear and Do It ANYWAY, by Susan Jeffers .

Today is not just another day.

Breath this in.  Fall in love with all the amazing beauty that this life brings.  Gratitude helps you make everyday a really good day.  


How to win the toughest battle of our adult lives?

Gibran Daily Life

The DAY IN DAY OUT…. can be hell on earth.

I want to be completely transparent in sharing this video with you.  It reminded me of a time in my life where I felt a cold, meaningless, and senseless existence.

It was depressing to say the least.  I don’t want to be reminded of that drab, cynical, and uninspired person I had become.

I was what some would define, a workaholic.  My intentions were noble. I wanted to achieve great things, succeed at my career, and work hard to reach my goals.  I was after all an MBA destined to do great things.

When I landed in the hustle and bustle, The Day In & Day Out, felt like a cruel joke.  “There must be more to life than this”, was a frequent thought.

I fell into my default setting, which was to notice all that was wrong with my life.

David Foster Wallace, in this brilliant video, paints a picture that is many peoples ‘perceived’ reality.  The word perceived is where your power exists.  This is where you can make a choice to see the world differently and therefore experience a different reality.

Unfortunately, I see it everyday.  So many wonderful people that only notice what is wrong.

I’m happy to say that after much trial and error, I’ve discovered how to look forward to each and everyday.  I don’t live for the weekend.  Everyday feels like a favorite day.  

The Day In Day Out cloud, just isn’t a part of how I experience life anymore.

My absolute number one recommendation is to begin noticing what is right in your life and be grateful for that.  I have a post, The Gifts of Gratitude, where you’ll find several suggestions for how to make gratitude a habit.  This seemingly insignificant approach, will make a huge difference. I promise you!


Make Good Art

This funny, inviting, and honest commencement speech by Neil Gaiman will bring a smile to your face, and just maybe it will infuse you with some inspiration that will propel you to LIVE a life where you create your own rules.

Some of the many nuggets are…

If you don’t know what is impossible, it’s easier to do.
If you have an idea of what you want, just go out and do it.
Do work you are proud of.  Don’t ever do something just for the money!
Problems of success … they exist.
Remember to let go and enjoy the ride.
Make mistakes.
Do the stuff only you can do.
The Secret Knowledge everyone should know…  (You’ll have to watch the video)

Let me know what you think.

Repetition is evil or is it?

Napoleon Hill Repetition

I use to believe REPETITION was evil and a waist of time.  I still have days where this feels very true.  That said I’ve come to understand this beast and I’d like to share with you some insight.

I may not be the only one to feel frustrated or guilty about repeating, reviewing, and re-reading yet again.   I feel annoyed mostly because I’ve attached a story to it that feels yuck.  Allow me to illustrate:

“You should know this already”
“Why didn’t you get it the first time around”
“Here you go again repeating the same lesson”
“Why does it take you so long to Get It”
“This is a waste of time, you should know this already”

Have you had any of the following happen to you..

Read a book (let’s say a few hundred pages).  You loved it!  Now you want to tell a friend about it and are aware you’ve retained a fraction of what you thought you learned.

You attended a conference.  Listened attentively to speaker after speaker and thanked your lucky stars you took the time to come and learn from so many talented individuals.  You go back home and tell your friends and colleagues about your experience.  Humm generic feedback.. really valuable, you must go, I learned so much.  Or Did You?

Your college education.  Mine is a fog and I’m not the party animal type, so I can’t blame the alcohol.  Before each exam I wished I had a photographic memory.  I often daydreamed about how wonderful it would be to read it once and know it all.

Some of you may jump to the conclusion that if you are truly passionate about what it is you are learning you will retain the knowledge you are cramming in. Continue reading