What I Know To Be True

I believe a change of feeling is a change of destiny.
Choose to focus on what makes you feel good, on what makes you smile
and the world will smile right back at you!

I believe fear is what blocks most of us from our best life.
Acknowledging, understanding and overcoming it will free you.

I believe love is our power.
It makes you feel oh so warm, strong, and packed with optimism, purpose, and joy.
Lather in love and you will notice life’s beauty regardless of the circumstances.

I believe nature can heal our soul.
It’s our connection to the divine.
Take time to appreciate its beauty and you will feel its’ radiance within you.

I believe that allowing yourself to be vulnerable takes guts
and yes I admit it, at times it can feel like torture.  Take the risk, and in exchange you gain so much more!  My personal favorite: relationships worth having.

I believe we all have a hidden purpose in life and we will find our path when the time is right.
My hope is you notice the signs that lead you to it.

I believe our body never lies.
It is a sacred gift and when you treat it as such you will be amazed at the wisdom it conveys.
Learn to listen …you will thank me for it.

I believe in leaping even.. especially when you don’t have all the answers.
Trust that “knowing” from within. I promise you its how your dreams come true.

I believe we are all magnetic, magical, and miraculous.
That includes you. I’ve had too many amazing experiences in my life not to notice.

I believe the important moments in one’s life are not always shiny and that’s OK!
Let me tell you why… (check out my blog post).

I believe to find your right life you must find your courage.
I know you have it. We all do. Sometimes it’s only a flicker.
You CAN make it grow into an unstoppable blaze.

I believe that which is most genuine in you is the part of you that never changes.
Be YOU! It’s what you were born to do. So enough being for others.
The days I find the courage to be completely authentically myself are the days I am truly alive.

I believe gratitude is a secret weapon.
Try it! I dare you. Be grateful everyday for the small stuff and you will be amazed at how inspired you feel.

I believe in play. When I notice I’m being way too serious, working too hard, pushing too much, I STOP…. Ask yourself often, is this FUN? If not do something else.  REALLY… Go Play!