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An extraordinary destiny is part of the plan


Make Good Art

This funny, inviting, and honest commencement speech by Neil Gaiman will bring a smile to your face, and just maybe it will infuse you with some inspiration that will propel you to LIVE a life where you create your own rules.

Some of the many nuggets are…

If you don’t know what is impossible, it’s easier to do.
If you have an idea of what you want, just go out and do it.
Do work you are proud of.  Don’t ever do something just for the money!
Problems of success … they exist.
Remember to let go and enjoy the ride.
Make mistakes.
Do the stuff only you can do.
The Secret Knowledge everyone should know…  (You’ll have to watch the video)

Let me know what you think.

How falling off my bike taught me to appreciate failure.

Am I insane?  Appreciate failure !@?

Churchill Cou

I’m not suggesting it’s an easy pill to swallow by any means, but I can say that how you react to falling, also know as failing, can either help you or harm you.

The good news is: you get to choose!

I had a bad fall on my bike a few days ago.
It was painful. I was cut, bruised, scared, embarrassed, and I felt sorry for myself.

As I was picking myself up off the pavement with the help of a few bystanders, a wave of shame came over me.  My head hanging low, I began to apologize profusely for causing a scene.  I was feeling just a tad bit stupid and the conversation I was having with myself was viscous.  Let me have you listen in:

“How stupid, Hooda! I can’t believe you were such an idiot! “
“You should know better! “
“Pay attention to what you are doing you nut.”
“You can’t even ride a bike like a normal human being!”
“What is wrong with you?”   ..etc etc.  

When I noticed the mean spirited conversation I was having with myself, I recognized it sounded very familiar.  FAILING can have the same effect on me.

I realized this scene was the perfect analogy for what failure often feels like and this meant I had a choice to make.   Continue reading